May, 22, 2019
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Follow Up Is Left To You

Ideally, we would love to have the time to call every candidate every 2-3 weeks to bring them up-to-date on the status of our efforts for them. Unfortunately, that's not practical. Time is the enemy of all placement and search firms. We never have enough of it.

We can assist more people to find exciting new career opportunities if we concentrate our time on two activities. One, on servicing existing clients who have given us search assignments. Two, marketing to acquire additional search assignments. To place the most people, (hopefully, including you), we need to spend 75% of our time on those two activities. We try to spend another 20% of our time identifying candidates and communicating with them about opportunities. Last 5% is for administration and other follow-up.

When Should You Follow Up?

Call every month or so, better yet send us a simple E-mail. We try to return every phone call, and we do return every E-mail. Sometimes it may take a day or two. Rare times it can take up to several days.

If you have a job offer from a source other than us CALL IMMEDIATELY to see if we are working any assignments for you. The best way you can optimize your career is by evaluating all available opportunities before you accept a new position.

Normally, we will call every candidate before submitting them to a potential client. The exceptions? We have talked to you recently and know exactly what you are looking for, or we know you are actively on the job market but are on vacation and we don't you will lose out on the opportunity to be considered.

Once we have submitted you, clients can move fast or slow, sometimes they react within a week, other times it takes weeks or months. It is usually during one of these transition periods that you receive a job offer from another source. When that occurs call us immediately. Then we can contact our client and see if they are interested enough in you to contact you immediately. Hopefully they will, so you can compare positions and make the best career decision for you.

In all cases, we expect you to call or E-mail us when you accept a new position. First, that is common courtesy. Second, we want to continue to track your career so when another position comes up that might be of interest, we can call you and ask you about it. If we call, you can express interest or decline interest but at least you will be making the decision. If we can't find you, the career opportunity of a life time may pass you by.