May, 22, 2019
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How we work
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How We Work


Ferree & Associates, Inc., like most Executive Placement and Search firms is paid by clients. There are no charges to applicants for placement or search services.

Since our fees are paid by clients, we in effect are working for them. They hire us to find people in the Top 20%. 

Clients are looking for "more" than they would expect to find on job boards, in social media, or through other Internet services. Clients rarely think about it, but when they use electronic mediums they have lowered their expectations and are willing to accept "average" employees.  (Or they are holding out for Power Ball lottery ticket odds.)

That's great information for you! Jobs advertised on electronic media rarely give you the opportunity to really stand out. "Average" jobs have "average" salaries and "average" advancement opportunities. If you are really in the Top 20%, you want a much better job. Carefully screen companies and jobs you find via the Internet.

What Does It Take to Qualify in Top 20%?

  1. Excellent job stability 

    2 companies in last 5 years or 4 in last 10 yrs.  The only exception: young chefs can move around during their first seven years of experience. 
  2. A good education. Technology is changing  rapidly. Employers expect employees to continue their education, through additional schooling, including technical courses, industry courses, etc. Tell them what you have done to stay abreast.

  3. Logical upward career progression. Job progression and job stability are different. When clients hire someone through an agency they expect someone who has gone through all the steps rather than skipping a few. 

  4. Significant Accomplishments. Demonstrating how you have enhanced business and profits for each of your most recent employers.

  5. Brand affiliation Rightly or wrongly, employers feel that people who have had at least some recent experience with a major hotel chain or recognizable franchise, are likely to have better training. The only exception? First class or luxury hotels that are well known. They may be independents, but they are still well known within the industry.

  6. Excellent mentoring and coaching skills , plus solid managerial and administrative skills. Be able to demonstrate those skills during an interview.

  7. Exceptional work references.
  8. Be willing to relocate.

Remember, clients pay our fees. That means they get to set the rules.

If you meet the above and are willing to consider a new career opportunity email your resume to: